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Are you ready to get crazy?

Open Daily 8:30am to 7pm

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Crazy Donuts is part of the Sassy Bass family of branded concepts widely known for creativity and passion for unique high-quality offerings. Sure, most of us love donuts…but we believe that you need to experience the wildest donut creations in existence.

Crazy Donuts is wildly popular but radically different with wacky combinations like our Flat Line, which comes with double angus burger, motz cheese, candied bacon, cheddar cheese, pickles and 2 donut buns… Add a side of Crazy Fries with wild buffalo salt! For breakfast (or dinner!) try a fried chicken n’ egg topped with candied bacon and honey drizzle donut!

Experience the fun of designing your own donut at the build a bar or watching your donut ride the conveyor thru the falling gooey glaze. Every day we serve up new edgy donut inspired, quirky combos so you’ll never know what surprise combinations are available on at any given moment…you’ll need to return several times to satisfy all your cravings and curiosity.

There is a donut in every one of our 28 meals!

Find us at:
(251) 378-2829
101 J South OWA Blvd
Foley, Alabama