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Cozumel Bar & Grill

Located in Downtown OWA!

Indulge in an authentic Mexican culinary journey at Cozumel Bar & Grill. From flavor-packed tacos to exquisite traditional dishes, our menu celebrates the richness of Mexican cuisine. Immerse yourself in a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the warmth of our culture. Explore our menu for an unforgettable gastronomic experience, and visit us to enjoy authentic Mexican hospitality at Cozumel Mexican Bar & Grill. We await you with open arms and the most authentic flavors of Mexico!

In September 23, 2010, Cozumel Bar & Grill was born in Loxley, Alabama, founded by the visionary Noel Hurtado. Dedicated to offering an authentic Mexican culinary experience, the restaurant quickly became a favorite, celebrated for its rich flavors and warm atmosphere.

From flavorful tacos to exquisite traditional dishes, the menu pays homage to Mexico’s culinary heritage. Over the years, the Cozumel family has grown, extending its culinary influence and legacy of excellence, turning each visit into a journey through authenticity, passion, and the dream Noel envisioned when he opened this beloved Mexican gem in Alabama.

Happy Hour at Cozumel

Need a midday pick-me-up? Head over to Cozumel for Happy Hour daily from 2-6PM!

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