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Murder Creek Distillery

Moonshine distilled right here at OWA!

A moonshine started from the banks of Murder Creek- and sand from Navarre Beach… 

We wanted to create a ‘shine sparkling like the creek’s waters, and smoother than a calm gulf wave! 

Before you come in and try some, know that this is not your typical moonshine. 

All batches are distilled, mixed, bottled and labeled on site. 

We hope you come by, enjoy some fun and hospitality in Foley with our moonshine. 

NEW! Salted Caramel Moonshine

This tantalizing blend of smooth moonshine infused with rich caramel flavors and a hint of salt, create a perfect balance of sweetness and savory notes that dance with each sip, offering a unique and unforgettable drinking experience reminiscent of indulgent homemade treats.

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