OWA Updates: COVID safety guidelines

Theme Park Attractions

OWA is a 520-acre family fun destination on the Gulf Coast in Foley, AL with a 23 attraction theme park, unique dining and live entertainment.

Riders flying beneath red and green umbrellas
Family-friendly Ride


An exciting ride that lets you dip, tilt and zoom across the sky from the seat of your very own hang glider!

Thrill Ride

Air Racer

This unique thrill ride lets you experience the twists, turns, loops and dives of a wild air show.

A view of riders on the Alabama Wham'a ferris wheel
Thrill Ride

Alabama Wham’a

Strap in and whirl through the air at impressive speeds on this vertical thrill ride.

A woman riding the Crazy Mouse rollercoaster
Thrill Ride

Crazy Mouse

Skitter up, down and all around the track as this crazy coaster sends you spinning into excitement!

A family swinging through the air on the Flutter By ride
Family-friendly Ride

Flutter By

Flutter and twirl through the air on the wings of a giant butterfly.

A child smiling from the Flying Aces
Kid Ride

Flying Aces

This ride will send you spinning and dipping across the sky in a classic biplane!

Riders swinging around the Flying Carousel
Family-friendly Ride

Flying Carousel

Grab a seat and glide through the air on this high-flying merry-go-round.

Two children riding in a pink plane
Family-friendly Ride

Flying Tigers

Jump into the seat of a colorful fighter plane and bank, tilt and turn to your heart’s content.

Children riding the Gully Washer
Kid Ride

Gully Washer

The kid-friendly, free-falling ride will have everyone giggling in their seats as the Gully Washer bounces its way to the bottom.

Children steering a truck in the Happy Haulers ride
Kid Ride

Happy Haulers

Jump inside and join the convoy that’s trucking and chugging around the track.

A woman and a child riding the Leap Frog
Kid Ride

Leap Frog

Hop and bounce along atop a fleet of colorfully fun frogs.

A group of people playing a Midway game in The Park at OWA

Midway Games

Play a round of Tub Toss or try your hand at shooting hoops!

A skeleton wrapped in tattered robes
Family-friendly Ride

Mystic Mansion

Hop into a Ghost Tracker Vehicle to weave your way around this haunting attraction, while competing to defeat the main ghost Boocifer.

Riders on the Rockin' Raft
Family-friendly Ride

Rockin’ Raft

It’s like careening down a whitewater gauntlet without having to worry about getting wet!

Riders cresting a rise on the Rollin' Thunder
Thrill Ride

Rollin’ Thunder

Kick out your feet and scream with delight as you soar up and down through the wild blue yonder.

Children smiling while riding the Sky Balloons
Family-friendly Ride

Sky Balloons

Take flight in your very own sky balloon and drift high above the ground on this magnificent ride.

Riders waving from the Southern Express
Family-friendly Ride

Southern Express

All aboard for one fast and fun ride with plenty of tilts and turns.

Riders on the Swingin' Fun
Kid Ride

Swingin’ Fun

This swing set might be too heavy for parents to push, so hop on and enjoy the ride yourselves.

A child waving from a Tea Time cup
Family-friendly Ride

Tea Time

No park would be complete without the spinning tea cups. A classic!

Thrill Ride


Twist, spin and twirl through the air on a whirlwind of excitement.

Children playing with jets of water in the Wacky Waters splash pad
Splash Pad

Wacky Waters

Opens at 11am! Wacky Waters is scheduled to close every evening around sunset or 8PM depending on the season. For the safety of our Guests, Wacky Waters will not operate

Thrill Ride

Wave Rider

Ride the wave up and down the track as you spin with delight on this wild ride.

Children driving cars in the Zip Zap Race
Kid Ride

Zip Zap Race

Take one of these classic hot rods for a spin!