Thrills? Take your pick! From big drops to family-friendly spins, take a tour of our 21 amusement park rides.

Thrill Rides

  • Air Racer

    This unique thrill ride lets you experience the twists, turns, loops and dives of a wild air show.

  • Alabama Wham'a

    Strap in and whirl through the air at impressive speeds on this vertical thrill ride.

  • Crazy Mouse

    Skitter up, down and all around the track as their crazy coaster sends you spinning into excitement!

  • Freedom Flyer

    Kick out your feet and scream with delight as you soar up and down through the wild blue yonder.

  • Rollin' Thunder

    With big drops, loops, twists and hairpin turns, our high-speed coaster is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat.

  • Twister

    Twist, spin and twirl through the air on a whirlwind of excitement.

  • Wave Rider

    Ride the wave up and down the track as you spin with delight on this wild ride.

Kid Rides

Family-Friendly Rides

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