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Here you can find tickets to shows in Downtown OWA, Day Passes to The Park, plus tickets to seasonal events!

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It's never to early to plan for Spring Break! Grab your tickets to The Park now and get $10 off—plus, free extra surprises! Click here to get more details or buy now!

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Grab a Day Pass to The Park, because every weekend is special!

Enjoy unlimited access to The Park's attractions every weekend for just $29.99.

Grab a Day Pass and enjoy same-day re-entry, to come and go as you please!


Unlimited Admission with a Season Pass

Gain access to unlimited fun with your pass to The Park at OWA. PLUS — Exclusive offer, discounts, and events just for Passholders! Click HERE to view all benefits and FAQ.


Non-Rider Ticket to The Park

Don't feel like riding? Want to just watch the kiddos have fun? You can now get a free Non-Rider Ticket at The Park at OWA's Main Gate. (Not available online.)


Join us at the OWA Theater!

Legends in Concert presents Two Kings & A Queen featuring tributes to Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner!

Legends in Concert 🎤🎶 is the longest-running show in Las Vegas history, and after 35 years is still voted #1 tribute show in the city… and now it’s here in Downtown OWA. Join us today for this limited run!

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Trip Down Memory Lane

1 man — 40 voices. Travel back in time with Brandon Styles during a delectable dinner show this January and February at OWA. Sit back, relax and enjoy the sounds of 40 different timeless voices during your trip down memory lane...

Tickets on sale now!

Ready to have your mind blown?!

Step right up and enjoy the Gulf Coast's funnest magic show with Brandon Styles! Along with his lovely assistant Diamond, prepare to be amazed with slight of hand, grand tricks, and a dash of silliness!

Limited show, so grab tickets before they're gone!


The Gulf Coast's #1 variety show!

Grab your tickets to Brandon Styles Variety Show in Downtown OWA!

The perfect way to enjoy an evening out with friends, or cap off a perfect date night!