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Education In Motion

Enjoy all the fun Tropic Falls theme park has to offer while learning about physics in a safe and fun environment.

Gravity! Inertia! Centripetal force! The laws of physics come to life in Tropic Falls. Bring your class for an adventure in science and a day of thrilling fun! Education In Motion is a STEM-based field trip that combines science with thrills for an unforgettable day of learning.

We will provide learning materials to the students with self-guided instruction on physics and how it relates to many of the rides at Tropic Falls. Your K-12 students will experience gravity, centripetal motion, inertia, potential and kinetic energy and the differences between negative and positive G-forces. We will also explore the science of animatronics in our indoor dark ride, Mystic Mansion.

Every student is welcome, whether they are home schooled, private schooled, or virtually schooled —if they are school-aged children, they are welcome!

On our special Education in Motion field trip days, Tropic Falls is open exclusively to Education in Motion groups from 9am–3pm. Enjoy all the fun Tropic Falls has to offer while learning about physics in a safe and fun environment. Space is limited, so call to reserve your spot today! Ask about our affordable meal plans and refillable drink bottles!

Education in Motion requires a minimum of 15 guests per group and everyone attending must purchase a ticket.

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