It’s a St. Pawtty’s Day Celebration!

Everyone loves their furry friends, and this year OWA invites you to bring them along for the fun. Rather than your traditional St. Patrick’s Day events, OWA will be serving up some furry fun throughout the property on March 17, 2018.

St. Pawtty’s Day — Pet Parade

The canine-themed day begins with an all-out Pet Parade, where dogs and their humans can dress up and strut their stuff! The parade will take place in OWA’s Downtown District (outside of the amusement park) at 10:30am. We will be asking for a small fee ($10) to participate, and 100% of the proceeds will be given to the Baldwin County Animal Shelter. Following the parade, the Top 3 Best Dressed pups (and their humans, too!) will receive fun prizes!

St. Pawtty’s Day — Dog Adoption

If you don’t have your very own furry friend, the Baldwin County Animal Shelter is here to help! They will be on OWA’s Island from 11:30am-3:30pm holding an open pet adoption. These wonderful dogs are looking for wonderful homes, and we hope you can give it to them. OWA will also split the adoption fee with anyone who wants one these amazing dogs to be part of their family. Stop by, say hello, and maybe help some pups find their forever homes. Hang out after the Pet Adoption for a Pup Party on the Island! We’ll have a live DJ and fun music playing from 4-7pm. OWA’s Island is free to access.

St. Pawtty’s Day — Dog Trick Show

Throughout the day, pop into The Park at OWA for a fantastic feat: The Dog Trick Show! These talented pups will run, jump and flip right into your heart. The Dog Trick Show is free with entrance into the amusement park. These remarkable dogs will be performing for the park’s guests at 2pm and 4pm, so don’t miss out!

*Admission to the amusement park is required for the Dog Trick Show.

Due to the safety and concentration of the Magical Poodles, dogs will not be allowed in the amusement park. We do hope you’ll join us with your pups in our St. Pawtty’s Day Pet Parade (10:30am) and the Pup Party on the Island (4-7pm), immediately following the Dog Adoption (11:30am-3:30pm) with the Baldwin County Animal Shelter.


All dogs must be on leashes when at OWA.