Will your pumpkin win?

Saturday, Oct. 19

6 – 7 PM

The Park at OWA is holding a contest for the best decorated pumpkin just in time for Halloween! Paint it, carve it, dress it up; it’s up to you! Bring your pre-decorated pumpkin in order to participate in the contest, and see if your artistry has what it takes to win!


Pumpkin painting for Halloween

Tips & tricks!

1. Choose a firm pumpkin with no blemishes, and make sure the stem is firmly attached.
2. First, wash your pumpkin under running water.
3. Use acrylic paint if you wish to paint your pumpkin.
4. Use a glue gun and straight pins to attach decorations to your pumpkin.
5. Store your pumpkin in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place.



1. All contestants are required to register the day of the contest. Pickup a registration form at the registration table at Veranda inside The Park at OWA.
2. The main part of each entry must be a pumpkin or a member of the pumpkin family.
3. Pumpkin display should fit within a 2’x2’ space.
4. Pumpkins should remain in place until judging is complete.
5. Objects, paper and materials of any kind must be pinned or glued to pumpkins. Participants may draw, paint, carve or dress their entries. No electrical device may be used as part of the entry.
6. Each entry must have a registration number in order to be considered for awards.
7. There is to be minimal parental help in decorating the pumpkin.
8. All entrants must register their pumpkin at The Park at OWA on October 19, 2019 before 6:30pm. Only pre-decorated pumpkins are allowed in the contest. Pumpkins and art supplies will not be provided.

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