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Join our second line!

Sunday, Feb. 23 • Immediately following the float parade

What’s a second line? A second line is a walking parade and a New Orleans tradition that started with jazz funerals and is now used to celebrate lives, deaths, weddings and more. At OWA, we’re celebrating the culture of Mardi Gras, and we want you to join in the walking parade. Comprised of a brass band and complete with twirling parasols, we invite you, parade goers to join us in our very own people’s parade.

This lighthearted event will take place immediately following the Krewe Du Cirque Parade at 6pm. As the float parade ends, check out the route below and get ready to join us in a walking parade. Don’t be afraid to get decked out in celebration with a costume, join in with your dancing feet, and twirl your handkerchiefs down the streets of Downtown OWA! There will be a brass band and a drum beat to get you started. Follow it down the street and invite everyone you see to join in on the fun!

There will also be second lines every Saturday and Sunday throughout The Park and Downtown leading up to this fun, free event.

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