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Aunt Jean’s marshmallow-fluff dessert is fine, but for a really sweet reunion, book your gathering at OWA.

Online formcall: (251) 923-3490

Fun brings the family together—and we’ve got something for every generation of yours at OWA! There’s a photo album full of smiles at every turn when you hold your family’s next reunion here with us!

Take a break from planning and let us help make this an event to remember. Our team loves creating reunions, and we’ll make yours as unique as your family; choose from an incredible selection of fun add-ons including live music, street performers, photos booths and more.

Looking for a change in family-reunion fare? Order pre-paid meal vouchers, or let’s plan a sit-down meal at one of Downtown OWA’s great, family-friendly restaurants. We want to create an experience that brings everybody together—and builds enthusiasm for next year’s gathering, too.

  • Group Rates:
  • 15-24 guests: 15% off
  • 25-49 guests: 20% off
  • 50-99 guests: 25% off
  • For groups of 100+ please call for rates