OWA Updates: COVID safety guidelines

The Park at OWA Terms & Conditions

2022 Day Pass

2022 Day Passes are valid for a single use between date of purchase through December 31, 2022 for The Park at OWA amusement park only. The Park at OWA LLC and its affiliates are not responsible for lost or stolen passes or property. This pass is only valid for the times/dates specified at time of purchase. The park, rides and other venues may change operating hours; may close due to refurbishing, capacity, weather or special events; and may otherwise change or be discontinued without notice and without liability. This pass is not valid for special or premium events, or any other activities which are separately priced, unless otherwise notated at time of purchase. Pass user must obey all safety signs, instructions, and rules. Rides are subject to availability and safety restrictions. Violation of any park rules may result in expulsion. Entry constitutes consent for Park at OWA LLC and its affiliates to film, photograph and use the likeness of the pass user for any purpose, without payment to user. The Park at OWA LLC and its affiliates assume no responsibility or liability for accident or loss to any person in connection with the use or condition of the facilities, rides or the park.

2022 Season Passes (Standard and Gold)

2022 Season passes are valid from date of activation until December 31, 2022 for The Park at OWA amusement park only. Use receipt to enter The Park at OWA to take your picture and complete registration for Season Pass. The person utilizing the Season Pass MUST be present to take their picture. Passes will NOT be issued without a picture associated to the account. A Season Pass will be issued to all Season Passholders at our Season Pass Center inside The Park at OWA. Please do not leave The Park at OWA without completing your registration and receiving your Season Pass. Please allow 10 minutes to complete the process to program your Season Pass at our Season Pass Center. Nontransferable, this pass must be used by the Season Passholder pictured on the account. We do not backdate or extend Season Pass usage. All tickets and passes to The Park at OWA CANNOT be resold, bartered, or exchanged for goods, services or benefits. Misuse of a Season Pass that includes but is not limited to the former will result in revocation. All passes to The Park at OWA are revocable and nonrefundable to the discretion of management.

Debit/Credit Card Information

When a credit card authorization occurs, standard banking practice puts a hold on the cardholder’s account for the purchase being authorized, reducing the cardholders available credit. The hold remains in place until the merchant indicates the transaction has been completed and the funds are transferred (known as settling the transaction). The duration of the hold if a purchase is not completed depends on your bank, but typically lasts 3-7 business days. When using a debit card as a credit card, the authorization hold is placed against the debit cardholders account balance, making those funds unavailable until the transaction is settled, or the hold expires. This occurs whether the transaction is successfully completed or not. Be advised that you may be subject to holds and overdrafts if your account exceed the available funds. Please note we attempt to reverse all incomplete transactions however some credit/debit card issuing banks do not honor Authorization reversals. We in no way can force the card issuing bank to release these authorizations any faster than their policy states. Thank you.