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OWA Live Concert Series

Hey Music Lovers, join us for free concert performances at the OWA Live Music Series this Summer!

July 13; 4:30 PM-8:30 PM

OWA Live summer concert series is back! Join us every Saturdays this summer on the OWA Island Amphitheater for a sizzling hot lineup of FREE live music! From heart-pounding rock anthems to soulful jazz melodies, we’ve got an incredible lineup of diverse music genres that’ll have you dancing ’til dawn.

Saturday, July 13th will feature headliner The Forum from 6:30-8:30pm with Blue Levee Band as the opening act at 4:30pm. Grab a cold beverage to go from your favorite Downtown OWA restaurant and meet us on the Island!

Must be 21+ to consume alcohol. Please enjoy responsibly.

About the Bands:

Delivering strong hooks atop rhythmic dance beats and an effortless live presence, it’s no wonder The Forum have risen to their regional status as one of Florida’s staple indie rock acts.  After graduating college in 2018, the four-piece hit the road and quickly amassed a fiercely loyal following, turning heads in the region and supporting acts like Colony House, Tessa Violet, and Last Dinosaurs across the state. Riding momentum from releases throughout the past year, The Forum are eager to share their lyrical reflections of youth and adaptation with new ears.

Hailing from Pensacola, Blue Levee has played just about every venue from Northwest Florida to Alabama. This three piece band comprised of Jaron Kiger (bass), Andre Heard (drums), and Noah Desimone (vocals and guitar), plays a unique blend of blues forged by each member’s eclectic influences.

Blues guitar legends like Buddy Guy, Stevie Ray, Jeff Healey, Freddie King, Albert King, and Albert Collins made up the foundations of guitarist, Noah Desimone’s musical influence throughout his early days playing for the Blues Society of Northwest Florida. After playing local shows for several years Noah’s style began to morph into something truly unique after getting exposed to the fuzzy world of psychedelic rock from guitarists like Doyle Bramhall II, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Gales, and Robin Trower and the delicate world alternate fusion from guitarists like Mark Knopfler, Eric Johnson, Rory Gallagher, and John Scofield.

However, the original sounds of Blue Levee truly took form after Noah began his long living collaboration with bass player Jaron Kiger. After filling in for Pensacola’s premier reggae band, Sandy Roots, at a dive bar on the beaches of Pensacola, Jaron and Noah decided to put their heads together and begin a new project. Named after the scenery of the Mississippi delta, Noah and Jaron began their musical partnership by emulating the sounds of the old school blues music scene that Pensacola fostered.

After playing together over the course of several shows, it wasn’t long until the musical tendencies of both, Jaron and Noah, began to show. With a background in pop, country, and reggae, Jaron’s musical inclinations began to influence the rhythmic structure of the band’s music, and offered a complementary sound and order to the freewheeling chaos of guitar sitting atop the music. As the two began to record original music, this structure became vital to the centered, often modern construction of psychedelic blues music that the pair explored.

Finally, the creation of Blue Levee was completed by the wildly infectious presence of Pensacola’s drummer, Andre Heard. After partnering with a variety of incredible musicians, Blue Levee found themselves in need of a fresh vibe to reinvigorate what was beginning to feel like a burnt out musical sound. What they discovered was a wealth of knowledge and ability that spanned the expanses of jazz drumming, from legends like Steve Gadd, to the funk stylings of Nate Smith, the bluesy foundations of Chris Layton and Buddy Miles, and the rock solid foundations of Bernard Purdie. With Dre helming the kit, the band was free to sail through renditions of Hendrix classics, into heady jazz, through slow smoky blues standards, into heavy zeppelin-esque distorted chaos, and back again. With complete improvisational freedom, the band has begun their latest trek across the corners of psychedelia, blues, funk, and everything in between.

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