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Join us on October 2nd for Oktoberfest featuring German-inspired fun, games and entertainment throughout Downtown OWA.

October 2, 2021

Join us in OWA’s entertainment district for Oktoberfest on Saturday, October 2nd! Oktoberfest is a free event, open to spectators and competitors looking to join in on some German-inspired fun. 

Catch traditional Oktoberfest-themed live music, dancing, and entertainment! Plus enjoy your fill of delicious food and beer specials throughout Downtown OWA restaurants. Want to compete for cash? Get your team of 4 together and register for the Oktoberfest Gauntlet featuring German-inspired beer games in Downtown OWA! We’re giving away a total of $1500 in prize money for first, second and third place teams. Preregister your team and get 4 free Oktoberfest t-shirts to wear during the event!

Team Games Include:

  • Stein Holding Contest
  • Thumb Wrestling
  • Pretzel Eating Contest provided by Auntie Anne’s!
  • Beer Sliding
  • Yodeling Competition
  • Plus a bonus round for Best Group Costume!

Team registration starts at 4pm.


We’re also recruiting arts and crafts plus food and beverage vendors who would like to feature their product and be a part of this awesome event. Email [email protected] for more info. Vendor registration is $30 and open through September 24.

Oktoberfest Games Official Rules of Competition

  1. Stein Holding Contest:  Each contestant will hold a 1-liter Stein filled with a beverage with one arm completely stretched out and parallel to the floor.  You must hold the stein if possible, in this position.   The official referee will decide when the contestant’s time is complete
    1. Scoring
      • 0-30 seconds – 0 points
      • 31-60 seconds – 1 point
      • 61-120 seconds – 2 points
      • 121-180 seconds – 3 points
      • 181-300 seconds – 4 points
      • 300+ Seconds – 5 points
  • Pretzel Eating Contest- (4) contestants will compete against each other to see who can eat (6) pretzels the fastest 

a. Scoring

  1. 1st place team/ person who consumes all 6 pretzels first- 6 points
    • 2nd place- 4 points
    • 3rd place- 2 points
    • 4th place- 0 points
  • Thumb Wrestling:  The object of the game is to defeat your opponent by pinning their thumb whilst saying “one two three four, I win thumb-o-war” Contestants from two teams will randomly choose numbers 1-4 and will be matched up with opposing contestants.  Contestants will face each other standing and grasp right hands together.  The ref will verify the thumbs are sticking up and state, “one two three four I declare a thumb war” The round will go on for 60 seconds, if there is no winner, the winner will be decided by a sudden death Rock Paper Scissor match. 
    • Scoring
      1. Winner – 2 points
      2. Loser – o points
  • Beer Sliding:   All four contestants on a team must compete in this game.  One team member will slide a full stein to the other three teammates who must catch the stein before it hits the ground.  They can simply catch it by the bottom, by the handle with their pointer finger and thumb or try to get creative as a team for maximum points.   The points will be determined by a panel of judges and each team will receive three attempts and can keep their highest score. 
    • Scoring
      • Catching the mug – 1 point
      • Catch by handle with pointer and thumb – 3 points
      • Creative catch – 4-10 points determined by judge panel. 
  • Yodeling Contest: 1 person from each team will compete head-to-head to see who yodels the best, as determined by the judge.
    • Scoring
      • Winner – 4 points
      • Loser – 0 points
  • Costume Contest: Bonus points may be awarded to teams who come in costume. Points will be awarded when contestants arrive at the registration tent.
    • Scoring
      • Came in noticeable costume – 3 points