We’ve taken your feedback and are happy to introduce the Non-Rider Pass to The Park at OWA!

We know some guests do not wish to participate in any of the rides or attractions, so this is for you. We’ve compiled a few FAQs to help explain the Non-Rider Pass. 

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Are you a Season Passholder?

If you would prefer to enter The Park as a Non-Rider, you have the option to do a 1-time transfer of your Season Pass to another person. Simply come to The Park, let them know you would like to transfer, and provide the information of the new Passholder. You must be an active Season Passholder who purchased before March 1, 2019. 


A Non-Rider Ticket grants free entry into The Park at OWA for guests opting not to participate in any of the attractions. Non-Rider guests will not receive a wristband.

Wristbands are required to ride or participate in any attraction.


A Non-Rider Ticket gives you unlimited, same-day access to The Park at OWA to enjoy its beauty and excitement as a spectator. A Non-Rider Ticket also gives you access to purchase amenities in Shady Arbor or Veranda (The Park’s quick-service food and beverage options), Parkside Gift Shop, and the Midway Games.


Go to The Park at OWA’s Ticket Window, let them know you would like a Non-Rider Ticket, and they will print you a ticket validating your access for that date.

Then proceed to the Gate, where a Team Member will scan your ticket for entry.

Important: Non-Riders MUST have a scannable ticket from Admissions to enter The Park. Guests are NOT allowed to enter/walk through the Gates without being scanned in.


There is no cost to obtain a Non-Rider Ticket.

The only time a cost would be incurred is if a guest chooses to purchase a 1-Day Park Pass giving you access to ride our more than 22 attractions. In which case, guests need to return to the Ticket Window or Season Pass Center to purchase their 1-Day Pass.


Can I come and go throughout the day?
Yes, your printed ticket will allow you to re-enter within that day. However, you must also have a handstamp to re-enter The Park.

Can I obtain a Non-Rider Ticket online?
At this time, all Non-Rider Tickets must be picked up in person at the Admissions window.

What if I’m a Season Passholder who doesn’t ride?
If a Season Passholder no longer has a need for their Pass, we will offer them a free, 1-time transfer of their Pass to someone else. They must be an active Passholder who purchased before March 2019.

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