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Nightmare Chambers

The premiere Haunted Attraction at OWA Parks & Resort

Tickets starting at $19.99++

Back by popular demand, Nightmare Chambers has returned with more gore than ever. This Halloween, survive three twisted scare zones as chills run down your spine with bloodcurdling shrieks that will leave the fearless frozen.

The butcher’s block is starving for new meat. Can you survive with your friends? Meat has run scarce, and the butcher will decide who stays and who goes.

The circus is in town, but there is nothing funny about these blood-thirsty clowns tucked away in the dark corridors of the big tent. The onslaught of laughter won’t be so funny when you find yourself part of the greatest not-so-death-defying show on earth. 

Run to escape the demented patients inside this insane asylum where reality becomes a figment of your imagination. Once you check in, there is no checking out. 

Purchase tickets now for only $19.99++ or skip the line and purchase a Fast Pass for $29.99++!

*Nightmare Chambers is the official Haunted Attraction of OWA Parks & Resort that will return two more times to bring you haunts in multiple seasons throughout the year! Stay tuned for the announcement of their second haunted house in February 2023. This time around, the nightmare continues.