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Brandon Styles & ICM Theatre Group presents

Karaoke Killer

a Murder Mystery Dinner Show

April 12 | 6:30pm

In this show audiences are introduced to the cutthroat world of Killer Karaoke, where you are all guests at the final round of a karaoke contest. Divas and lounge singers battle it out against Filipino housewives in this crazy contest featuring 80’s rock ballads and Broadway songs. All the characters in the show sing their karaoke tunes and audiences are treated to a murder mystery musical during this lively show. As always, our super sleuth Detective Gunn (along with your help) is left to sort out the details in this story. This 90-120 minute show promises to hit a high note with plenty of laughs as well as give you an opportunity to test out your sleuthing skills as you try to figure out the murderer.

This family entertainment features actors in a live, interactive, and comedic experience with audience members as they work to solve the “murder” through physical clues, spoken dialogue, and inferred character motives.