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Nightmare Chambers presents

The Invasion


Step into the abyss of your deepest fears as Nightmare Chambers presents “The Invasion,” a haunting experience that will shatter the boundaries of your reality and plunge you into extraterrestrial terror.

You encounter creatures that defy description – twisted flesh, metal, and something altogether alien. Their eyes, if they have eyes, fixate on you with an inscrutable malevolence, their unnatural movements sending shivers down your spine. The air is thick with the scent of alien decay, a nauseating smell that clings to your every breath. The flickering lights cast grotesque shadows that dance along the walls, revealing glimpses of the unimaginable horrors lurking just beyond your sight.

“The Invasion” is not just a haunted house; it’s a descent into the depths of a cosmic nightmare, a journey that will haunt your dreams long after you escape its clutches. Will you survive the invasion, or become a permanent resident of this twisted realm?

To create even more frights, purchase a Combo Ticket and enjoy both Nightmare Chambers and Mystic Mansion.

Mystic Mansion, located inside Tropic Falls, will be transformed into a grueling maze of terror with freight behind every corner. Hop onto a ghost hunting vehicle and prepare to scream. But be sure to keep an eye out for what lurks in the dark!

Ticket options

$19.99 General Admission — Nightmare Chambers

24.99 Combo — Nightmare Chambers + Mystic Mansion

$39.99 VIP — Skip the line & avoid wait times with the purchase of this ticket. Includes both Nightmare Chambers and Mystic Mansion

*Nightmare Chambers is the official Haunted Attraction of OWA Parks & Resort.