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Wake Jam 2022

<p>One event on September 3, 2022 at 7:30 am</p>

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Saturday, September 3

  • Downtown OWA

Save the date for our first ever Wake Jam, September 2-3, 2022, at the Wake Park at Gravity Island Watersports!

Sept. 2-3

Join us for our first ever wakeboard competition!

Join us at OWA for our first ever wakeboard competition at the Gravity Island Watersports Wake Park! Cheer our riders on and watch the Wake Jam 2022 from the OWA Island for free, or register to compete by following the steps below! 

Register Here

$45 entry fee for Groms and Beginners; $65 entry fee for Open Divisions — per-person entry fee includes a free swag bag and Wake Jam t-shirt. Plus, we have $2,000+ in cash prizes up for grabs (excludes Beginner Divisions)!

Register Online Today for Grom & Beginner Divisions! 

Register Here

  • Step 1: If you aren’t a WWA member, join today. All competitors must be WWA members to compete. WWA Membership Here
  • Step 2: Pre-register online today! View our full rules and regulations at the time of registration.
  • Step 3: Check out our schedule and mark your calendars! Attendees must check-in on Saturday, September 3 at 7:30am. Under 18 requires parental/guardian permission and signature.

Schedule of events

Friday, September 2, 2022

          Event Registration: 3pm-7pm

          Rail Jam: 3pm-dark

Saturday, September 3, 2022

          Rider Check-In: 7:30am

                 *Riders must check in at least one hour before their division’s posted time.

          Rider Safety/Format Meeting: 8am

          Competition Begins: 8:30am

                 *Divisions: Beginner Grom, Open Grom, Beginner Men Wakeboard, Beginner Women Wakeboard, Masters, Open Wakeboard, Open Wakeskate,                      Open Wakeboard Men Division

          Competition Award Ceremony: 2pm

See Rules & Regulations

General Event Information:

Tickets are not required to attend the Wakeboard/Wakeskate Event as a spectator. Riders must register for the Event here (link to registration page). Riders must have a current World Wakeboard Association (hereinafter “WWA”) membership completed before arriving on site to check-in to the Event. Participants who are below 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present with them at check-in to complete the required Event participant registration and waiver.

Grom and Beginner Divisions: $45 (includes swag bag)

Open Divisions: $65 (includes swag bag)

Parking at OWA is free and complimentary to all guests. All pets must be leashed. Tents are prohibited inside Downtown OWA. All guests must follow written posted rules at the OWA main entrance and listed here.


Event Schedule & Check-In Information:

  • September 2, 2022 | Friday
    • Event Registration: 3pm-7pm
    • Rail Jam: 3pm-dark
  • September 3, 2022 | Saturday
    • Rider Check-In: 7:30am
      • Riders must check in at least one hour before their division’s posted time.
    • Rider Safety/Format Meeting: 8am
    • Competition Begins: 8:30am
      • Divisions: Beginner Grom, Open Grom, Beginner Men Wakeboard, Beginner Women Wakeboard, Masters, Open Wakeboard, Open Wakeskate, Open Wakeboard Men Division
    • Award Ceremony: 2pm


Rules and Regulations


  • Participants must comply with all Gravity Island Watersports posted rules and regulations for the Wake Park found here.
  • Valid state issued photo ID or passport must be presented at check in to identify eligible age group. For children ages 17 & under, a birth certificate reflecting date of birth will be sufficient. Participants who are below 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian present with them at check-in.
  • All participants must have a valid liability release waiver Participants who are below 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign.
  • All participants ride at their own risk; they are expected to pay attention to any potential site-specific risks and to perform a routine within their abilities.
  • Riders can only compete in one division per competition.
  • Divisions may be created or merged at the sole discretion of each contest director.
  • A rider is fully responsible for his personal equipment. All riders’ personal equipment is subject to the approval by the contest director.
  • Only wakeboards and wakeskates will be allowed. Both must float.
  • All competitors must wear a properly fitting USCG life vest.
  • Riders must wear a suitable helmet in the wakeboard course.
  • Participants perceived to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be allowed to compete and will forfeit their entry fee.
  • Gravity Island Watersports may publish and disseminate information regarding the results and status of the Event including the participant’s data, in any sources and, inter alia, on the Gravity Island Watersports website. Taking part in the Event, the participant gives the consent to the processing of the personal data by Gravity Island Watersports and OWA for the purposes of publication and dissemination of information regarding results of the Event including interim results and for the purposes of informing the participant.
  • All the taxes and fees related to obtaining prize money are paid by the participants on their own behalf and at their own expense. The participant is fully apprised and gives the consent to the fact that under no circumstances is Gravity Island Watersports considered as the revenue agent of the participant.


Unsportsmanlike conduct is defined as:

  1. Any conduct unbecoming the wakeboard way of life that can cause danger to anyone on the tournament site whether involved in the contest or not.
  2. Any conduct unbecoming a wakeboarder causing damage to the site and possibly delaying the contest.
  3. Any profanity used by a wakeboarder that could disrupt the atmosphere of the contest for attendees and/or spectators.


Any infractions can be punishable by disqualification of competitors involved.  Violators will be removed from the OWA property.



  1. All competitors in a WWA-sanctioned event must be members of the WWA.
  2. All participants must have a valid liability release waiver Participants who are below 18 years of age must have a parent or legal guardian sign.
  3. Prior to competing, every Competitor must sign a participation contract and understand the nature of the sport and its special risks, particularly in the format. Prior to competing, the competitor must submit the required forms as specified by Event organizer. It is the responsibility of the competitor to register with the Event-designated person and show proof of membership and qualifications before riding.
  4. Competitors must disclose to the Event organizer any special medical conditions, including, but not limited to injuries, past or present, or other pre-existing medical conditions. Participation will then be at the sole discretion of the Event organizer. The Event organizer may also require approval from a medical physician.


  1. Competitors may perform any number of tricks they choose in any order they wish.
  2. Riders are encouraged to put together a creative and smooth flowing run with a wide variety of tricks. Each trick should be done as cleanly as possible and taken to its limit.
  3. Riders will be judged on the technical difficulty, style, proficiency of their tricks, the variety and combination of tricks performed, as well as the use of obstacles and overall fluidity of the run.
  4. Speed will be at the discretion of the rider but must be within the maximum and minimum tolerances allowed for the site. The speed must remain constant while the rider is in the course.
  5. A minimum of 2 judges will be used for all divisions.
  6. Judging will be subjective only. There are no predetermined points for any tricks.
  7. Judging of the run begins when the rider enters the course and ends when the rider exits the course or falls for the final time. Tricks performed outside of the course will not be scored.
  8. Judges will award a maximum of 10 points to each rider based on their overall impression of the run. The single score will reflect the judge’s interpretation of the riders run based on the following 3 criteria.



  1. This includes the overall look and impression of the run, the level of variety and creativity displayed by the rider, as well as the diversity of tricks performed in a flowing sequence with smooth transitions between moves.
  2. Composition will account for 60% of the rider’s overall score.
  3. Obstacles include any trick performed on an obstacle such as a rail, kicker, box, or wall. Obstacles will account for 40% of the rider’s overall score.
  4. Judges will give a range for scoring to the first rider in each heat. This will provide a base for judging the remaining riders in the heat. The rider’s final score is used for placement purposes only in the heat.
  5. Judges will look for the level of technical difficulty, intensity and perfection of each trick preformed. Is the trick landed safely and clean? Does the rider have good body position on the water, obstacle or in the air? Does the rider show personal style in the trick performed? Is the trick grabbed, boned, tweaked or shifted and for how long? How big did the rider go? For obstacles, did the rider ollie on, gap, spin or transfer? How controlled and balanced was the rider? How good is the approach or cut of each trick for the overall flow of the run?
  6. In the Judge’s eyes, a better rider is one who throws a balanced variety of Inverts, Spins, Handle Passes, Heel Side, Toe Side, Switch, Blind, etc., as well as unique tricks using both the flats or open water and the obstacles in the course.
  7. Re-rides may be granted at the sole discretion of the Chief Judge for failure of the cable system or cable operator error.


If a rider falls and drags on the cable (where either their stomach or back touches the water) but is able to recover and continue the run, the trick the rider fell on will NOT be scored. All tricks performed before and after, however, will be scored.


In the case of less than desirable water or weather conditions where the contest must continue, a “Severe Weather/ Rough Water” provision may be applied to that round of that Event. Decisions regarding “Severe Weather” shall be the responsibility of a committee composed of the Head judge, Event Organizer, and only the affected Competitors. However, the Event Organizer reserves the right to make the final decision. The “Severe Weather” provision applies not only to rough water per se, but to any weather and water conditions that make riding significantly more difficult or may seriously affect performances.

The “Severe Weather” committee shall determine any modification to the riding specifications that may be needed in the interest of safety and providing a fair and attractive event. Such modifications may include but not limited to changes in boat speed, boat pattern, and course length. Once a heat has been so designated and riding has started, the “Severe Weather” designation shall apply to all competitors in that heat, even though conditions may improve. Ranking Lists are unchanged under “Severe Weather” rules.

Inclement Weather Policy

Gravity Island Watersports reserves the right to postpone the Event as much as 30 minutes to account for inclement weather. If postponement is not possible, the race will be rescheduled for the following day (Sunday) at the same time. Competitors will be given the option to have their entry applied towards the postponement race, the next upcoming race, or refunded.


  1. Before protesting, a rider may choose to look over the Full Heat Results page to see the official placement of each judging category.
  2. At this time, if the rider would like to file a protest, he/she must fill out an official rider protest form including the tricks he/she performed immediately following and up to 30 minutes after the release of the official results.
  3. The Chief Judge will then review the protest and score sheets, and ensure the judges have the tricks written down correctly. If the tricks are correct, the Chief Judge may dismiss the protest. The Chief Judge can also meet with the Judges to discuss the protest if necessary. If needed, all Judges will meet with rider to discuss the protest. Actions may be taken by the Chief Judge to address the Protest as well.
  4. The Chief Judge will communicate the results of the protest to the rider within 30 minutes of the protest being presented. The Chief Judge has the final say in the protest. No rider is allowed to approach the individual judges on protest issues. Any rider found harassing judges or using profanity during the protest will be subject to the code of conduct and applicable fines.
  5. If riders would like to educate themselves for the future they may do so after the Event is over. If the rider is present at the end of the competition the chief judge will make his best efforts to let the rider speak with the judges.
  6. All judges will make their best efforts to be at the Chief Judge’s station immediately following the last event each day and will remain there for 20 minutes after the release of the official results to answer questions. There may be situations when the judges are forced to leave the site before or right at the end of the Event. Therefore, the chief judge and remaining judge will be responsible for making the final decision.
  7. All riders are permitted two (2) protests during a season. If a rider submits a protest form it will be counted as a “protest”. If the protest is won by the rider then he/she does not use up one of their two protests. If the protest is not valid the rider loses one of their protests for the season. If a rider has used both of their protests and feels they were scored incorrectly they may file an additional protest, however this protest must be accompanied by $100 in CASH. If the riders protest is valid the $100 will be returned. A rider may protest this way as many times as they would like.



  • Grom Boys/Grom Girls: ages 6-12
    1. No kickers, flat box permitted, tricks in the flats permitted.
  • Beginner Women
    1. Nothing over 180 on kickers, no switch kicker hits, sliders permitted.
  • Beginner Men
    1. Nothing over 360 on kickers, only basic inverts off kickers, no glides, no switch/270 rail hits.
  • Open Grom: Ages 6-12
    1. Open Wakeboard/ Open Wakeskate: Anything goes.
  • Masters: Ages 30+
    1. Anything goes.
  • Open Wakeboard
    1. Anything goes.
  • Open Wakeskate
    1. Anything goes.

More than six riders in open classes will constitute qualifiers.

If there are more than six riders: 5-minute jam session or 3 falls. Judged subjectively based on style, technicality, and proper landings. Top 5 make it to finals.

Eligible to Participate

The Event is only open to legal residents of the United States of America. Current or former employees or family members of employees of Gravity Island Watersports shall be ineligible to participate.



Prize Money Breakdown:

  • OPEN GROM (September 3)
    • 1st Place- $150
    • 2nd Place- $75
    • 3rd Place- $50
  • OPEN WAKEBOARD WOMEN (September 3)
    • 1st Place- $350
    • 2nd Place- $150
    • 3rd Place- $100
  • OPEN WAKESKATE (September 3)
    • 1st Place- $350
    • 2nd Place- $150
    • 3rd Place- $100
  • OPEN WAKEBOARD MEN (September 3)
    • 1st Place- $350
    • 2nd Place- $150
    • 3rd Place- $100
  • MASTERS (September 3)
    • 1st Place – $150
    • 2nd Place – $100
    • 3rd Place – $50
  • AWARDS: September 3, 2022 at 2pm
  • TOTAL CASH PURSE: $2,375