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January Qualifying Event

A multi-day event every day, available online and in-store repeating until January 31, 2021

Next date

Monday, January 4

31 days, 4 Games, 1 great big event!

January 1 through January 31
In-store or AtHome
Age Limit: Varies by Game*

Throughout the month of January rack up as many points as you can through any of the 4 games listed below, or all 4, either in-store or through our AtHome program! This is a Clash eSports Center only event. There is no additional cost to qualify.  February event will be an invite-only, in-person event with $10 entry fee and cash prizes!
League of Legends • Valorant • Rocket League • COD: Modern Warfare








Get as many points as you can to earn entry as a top-tier player in February. 

*Minimum Age varies by game, please check details for each game. You must qualify throughout the month of January to be invited to compete in the February event.