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Grand Opening — Clash eSports & VR Experience

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Saturday, June 4

  • Downtown OWA

The future of gaming is here. Join us for a Grand Opening at the new Clash eSports & VR Experience.

June 4


Located between Brandon Styles Theater and Alvin’s Island in Downtown OWA

Clash eSports & VR Experience has partnered with Megaverse to offer you a first-of-its-kind virtual reality gaming, unlike anything you’ve ever tried before. Our advanced 3D and high-resolution imaging will feel as real as the outside world, and now you can experience it yourself at the all-new Clash eSports & VR Experience in Downtown OWA.

Join us for a Grand Opening this Saturday, June 4 between 11am and 8pm! The first 25 guests get to experience it for free, so mark your calendars and be there! 

Currently, up to 6 players can experience as a group (room for more coming soon). Timeslots are available in 15- or 30-minute increments starting at just $9.99.

Plus, virtual escape rooms take it to the next level! Escape rooms include Pirates Fate (3-room, multi-level escape room; 30-minute experience) and Corridors (single-level escape room; 15-minute experience).

Current games include:

  • Carni Chaos*
  • Corridors*
  • Dino*
  • Mega Ball*
  • Murrays (coming soon)
  • Pirates Fate*
  • SWAT* (coming soon)

*Custom-built and coded by Megaverse

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