OWA Updates: COVID safety guidelines

El Diablo Express

Temporarily closed for remodel.

Pardon our progress while we re-imagine and remodel El Diablo into a casual, speedy new concept.  Our new vibe features the flavor you love, done up quicker and easier. Later this spring, we’re bringing you the new El Diablo Express, and you won’t have to go any further than our patio to relax and refuel!  You can still enjoy the bowls, burritos, tacos, and empanadas that you love, only faster.  Whether it’s a lunch with friends and family, a celebration, or you just want to relax and unwind, the new El Diablo Express will be the place where quick meets delicious and delicious meets the refreshing salted rim around a cooling margarita.  We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!

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